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Everymen have a common expectation of big penis. But they are being cheated with market full low qualities penis enlargement products. The world best safest, painless, pleasant, easily usable, permanent, risk-free, different lingam enlarger is Vimax Extender. It increases your dick in length up to 3-4 inches in 6 months. It’s a plastic & metal based portable device that works depend on traction techniques to elongate male organ. It has doctors, clinical & most famous urologists check out the practical result. That makes it unique from others, provides high-level self-confidence, self-esteem, and performance in bed. Remember the others companies intention is making more money from you in many tricks but we are the real solution servicer.

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Vimax Extender is a most using fast penis size expanding the device. That has three prime components Plastic basal ring, Dynamic metals, Silicone band with plastic support. It is smooth, easily bearable & wearable, painless, low pricing, clinically certified, highly qualified product.

What does Clinical result say?

Many famous urologists have tested this product & they are finally recommended that It’s not only an extender but also curvature repairer, except any surgery & scar. It’s really wonderful, easier, a comfortable alternative solution of surgery. Clinical test said that this product provides 98% positive result overall for the patient if they can perfectly use this according to the user manual. You should visit the extender official page for more concepts.

Has any doctor’s approval?

The most known urologist Dr. Mario Dumitrascu has been developed the efficiency of Vimax Extender. It is genuinely formulated as a male extender in medical surgery that verified by the popular herbalist. Since eleven years Dr. Mario has been suggesting men about their small penis enlargement. It is a great victory that no one gets disadvantage to use this extender all are benefited.

Why is it unique?

It has some unique features that make it inimitable from the others products. It is low cost, smooth, and fast with the stable result. It is a harvest of the hard working Vimax team members. After many tried, hard work, test than it has appeared as a most effective extender product. That has no alternative in the market.

How does it work?

Vimax extender’s working method is the principle of traction. That is reacted the organ dynamic & gently way to grow & enlarge the cell of the penis. The corpora cavernosa starts to prolong for the suspensory duty of the extender. On the other hand in erection time corpora cavernosa tissue turn into a big cell and make penis also with the blood support. That’s meant this cell is enlargeable. For that extender makes healthy, lengthen the ligament cell & the foreskin day by day. Basically, if the dick constantly keeps up straight & slightly pulls obviously the tissue elongate as the blood can flow overly. That has a great use in orthopedic surgery & plastic surgery.

Does it really work?

There is no doubt about its working ability. It’s a famous male extender since 2010. It has thousand up consumer worldwide still now. It has many users’ testimonial, clinical support & doctor’s recommendation.

Is it helpful for curve penis?

Yes, it is helpful for the curve penis also. Its base is traction force that is mostly used to plastic surgery. That regenerates & lengthens the cell of human body’s bald area.

How long I have to use?

For getting the best or doctors requirement result you have to use until six months. It is an ideal time for course of enlarging penis girth & tissue.

Is the result permanent?

Yes, the result is permanent. There is no way of losing the improvement. For that, you have to finish the whole course duration. Many users it continues more you can also use a little more time.

How to use Vimax Extender?

First of all, you have to complete the setting/arrangement of the device (it meant if you get the entire device’s parts are separated).  Then you have to do to adjust the device to your penis at the time of as usual size. When your penis is in a normal mood, there is no erection or shrunk you have to set the device at that time.

Firstly put the plastic basal ring(1) up to root of the penis then keep the top of dick on the plastic support & bind with the silicone band(12) that has pull loop under the plastic support(11). It used to tight-fit binding of your penis head. Don’t tight more that can uncomfortable or make a wound.

In the wearing time, if you think a little more length of the both side’s rods or reducing is need, you can expand or less the both rods. There are extra elongation bars in the package.   Then keep up wearing each day up to 4-6 hours till six months.

Does size matter or How long penis I can get?

A big or ideal penis obviously has a preference for a female partner. So small size is an embarrassing issue to a male partner although many have been lecturing it doesn’t matter. Up to 3-4 inches length you can add to use the product in shortly.

Are there any precautions?

Yes, there are some cautions, avoid using the device following time.

  • Physical activities: like sexual cohabitation, evacuation & micturition time, sporting time and any others hard working time.
  • Feelings & sign: If you feel discomfort after 2 hours or earlier don’t worry it can initially, then you can see a white sign to the top of penis don’t worry take off the product for two minutes & massage then retake to finish the period.
  • Scar: if any scar/wound has appeared then stop using till that totally healed.
  • Diseases: Diabetics patient must consult with their physician & control then use.
  • Cleaning: You have clean after every use with toilet soap & water.

What is the user’s feedback?

The beneficent vimax extender users mostly share us about their achievement. We have really felt proud about their glory. Here is referring some user’s satisfaction.

Garry Knowles: (Toronto Canada) He said that he was observing the growing change after use each day about 4 hours during a month.

Pal Mayers: (Nebraska, USA) only used of 2 days I got the surprising result. It was amazing to me. Thanks a lot the vimax team.

Clark Johnes: (Australia) The Australian is fully satisfied to his result.

Sean Coleman: (UK) He used the vimax extender just twelve weeks, then he got the required of his mind.

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