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  • ClearPores Men's Health, Skin Care, Women's Health 8,000 ৳ 

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    ClearPores is an emphatic three step side effe...
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    Stop Grow is a familiar operative unwanted hai...
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  • Skinception Skin Care, Women's Health 6,000 ৳ 

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  • Total Curve Anti Aging, Skin Care, Women's Health 7,000 ৳ 

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Best Suits Skin Care Solution for You

Now-a-days, skin care science is presenting amazing advances,for this almost all are now avoiding drastic solution like surgery, collagen injections to rejuvenate skin. Now we have to lead a very busy life, have to take pressure, stress and difficulties, it effects on our skin. And with the passage of time it is natural that we will loss the youth of our skin.  As we can’t stop time and our age to increase, we have to admit the loss of our youthful skin and beauty. But Vita Health Care is here with the best skin care products of world’s renowned skin care manufacturer Leading Edge Health. Here the specialist’s team of pharmaceutical has invented an exciting lineup of skin care products formulated with potent including series of active ingredients which are clinically proven and combine to produce real results that you can both see and feel.

So for younger looking skin, to get rid of unsightly stretch marks, to remove dark under-eye circles, or to get soothing relief for your skin just visit, here we have natural solution for you.

Are confused while buying skin care products?

If feel confusion while buying your skin care product, then just think about Vita Health Care, one of the best wholesale marketer and retailer in Bangladesh which is providing natural skin care products like anti- aging cream, acne cream, anti- wrinkle cream, cosmetics, face cream, eye cream, dry skin, beauty products, face moisturizer cream. The skin care products you’ll find on Vita Health Care are hybrid products collecting from natural skin care ingredients like beta glucan, shea butter with patented peptides. This is natural as nature heals and cures.

Are you a mother and need solution for starch mark?

Feelings of being a mother are not possible to describe in word, but 95% women are suffering from stretch mark for giving birth her child. And we are here with our skin care products to remove your stretch mark. Our starch mark cream is clinically proven to remove your stretch marks by up to 72.5%. This will give you supplement to recover the youth of your skin. Purchase a stretch mark cream to fade stretch marks. Better yet, use a stretch mark cream in your pregnancy period and you can prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place.

A stretch mark cream is designed to stimulate elating and collagen. They’re both required to keep skin from separating in its inner layers during life events like child-birth, surgery, weight gain, and even weight-lifting.

With other anti-aging creams, choose a stretch mark cream with a good blend of and peptides and botanical. You’ll be tension free to know that Regestril™, found in Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, is proven clinically to remove the stretch marks appearance.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams with Retinol

Skin Care SolutionOur anti-wrinkle cream is for treating wrinkles, both present and future. Now-a-days, Retinol – a derivative of vitamin A, has been got much attention, prized by dermatologists for its ability to improve pigmentation and fade age spots, remove fine lines, for even-colored skin.You’ll feel that Retinol is really gentle on the skin. And this makes it unique and ideal for consumers who are facing skin sensitivities or issues with common skin care products. On Vita Health Care, an effective anti-wrinkle cream is Kollagen Intensiv, formulated with natural ingredients and patented peptides. And most notably, in Kollagen Intensiv, Retinol is a key ingredient, to keep skin beautiful and to fight wrinkles.

Eye Creams

An eye cream treats dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. On Vita Health Care, there an effective treatment for these concerns is Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy. It’s formulated with natural skin care ingredients including green tea extract and beta glucan.
Have you ever heard to put chilled tea bags on your eyes to remove dark circles? Purchase an eye cream with green tea extract and it’s the same principle in action. Similarly, choose an anti-wrinkle cream; look for an eye cream with botanical like green tea extract and Aloe Vera with patented peptides. For example, recently in clinical study, Eyeseryl® reduced under-eye bags in up to 95%. In Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy, you’ll get Eyeseryl® and other potent peptides.