Vita Health Care (VHC) realizes the significance of your privacy. That’s why we ensure that all the information that we collect from you are protected and secured with us. All information that Vita Health Care collects are secured under the Data Protection Act (1999) and can be used in accordance with the following privacy policy. Please take a moment to review our “Privacy Policy” to learn how Vita Health Care collects and uses your information while reserving your privacy rights.

Information We Ask For

Vita Health Care will only ask these following information from you. All this information is collected for voluntary purposes, and you are not liable to provide any other information without your consent.

  • Your Email Address
  • Your Home Address
  • Your Credit or Debit Card Details
  • Your Shipping Address
  • Your Billing Address
  • Your Phone or Fax Number (if necessary)
  • Your Full Name

What Information We Never Use or Ask for

These following information will NEVER be asked by Vita Health Care. You are not liable to share this information with us.

  • Your General Browsing pattern or behavior
  • Your Internet Search queries except for those help you landing on our domain.

How We Use Your Information

We collect the information (mentioned previously) and use them to process your order and to make sure that your transaction process goes smooth and successfully each time you place an order. We may also ask for additional data from you for our marketing purpose in ensuring that we can improve our customer service whenever necessary. But it is essential for you to know that none of your information will be collected or used without your consent.

How We Secure Your Information

We are fully committed to our honorable visitors that their data and information are 100% secured with VHC. Here you can have an overview of how we ensure your security-

  • We only receive information about your clicks on ads just about those landing pages that takes you to our website or from which you find us. None other details on your web search are collected by VHC.
  • We do NOT have discretionary access to your credit or debit card. All those information is reserved in a locked system which is held by a Level 1 certified, PCI-compliant 3rd Party processor intended for overly strict data security. We can receive only transaction records. All govern credit card merchants are obligated by strict responsibilities. However, we do NOT accept any liabilities for your Loss/Damage caused by the 3rd Party’s acts and omissions. We always advise you to print and retain a copy of your card transaction for your future order or reference.
  • For ensuring safe browsing with VHC, we use SSL certification (Secure Sockets Layer) for communication protocol purpose. All information provided by our visitors are transmitted from their browser to our processing systems using SSL.

How We Use Our Cookies

We use cookies which might show you ads whenever you visit sites that relevant to Vita Health Care. We do not know exact information about which sites you are visiting when these ads appear. None of VHC’s cookies are used to get or TRACK your personal information. However, you can always block these cookies by changing your browser settings.