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Semenax is a Doctor-approved and completely natural herbal formula, scientifically ready for men who want to increase semen production to take their orgasms to the next level. It also helps to improve the odds of successful insemination.

  • Naturally Increased semen production
  • More Semen = Bigger Orgasms
  • Shoot massive loads for an amazing finish.
  • Experience better orgasm control.

What is SEMENAX?

Semenax is a clinically proven wild orgasmic pleasure provider pill. That set massive controlling longer power to your body & you get a rock-hard erection that is rare energy for men. It’s formulated the pure natural ingredients after three-step scanning by the scientist of their attributes. For that, it increases semen volume and refills the lost nutrients during ejaculation.

Semenax is a natural semen and sperm enhancer supplement that has an extra attribute of semen prolonging. It is entirely safe and amazing ejaculation controller with an intense orgasm. It is a semen enhancement pill that shows visible effects in just two months. This pill prolongs your semen volume, fertility, better, bigger & longer performance in bed for your satisfying wife.

it is most popular for well supplying Venus density & grows the sperm motility naturally. The specific reason for popular is mind-blowing wild, intense orgasmic vigor, power by improving & thick seminal fluid. That is enriched with the newly added clinical examined herbs. To get the origin product vita health care is a trusted site for retail or wholesale in Bangladesh.

Why it’s so EFFECTIVE for You?

There are several reasons why men take Semenax. The universal reason seems to be that they want to have more intense orgasms that last longer and of course, have an impressive finish after sex. Men who only ejaculate small amounts miss out on really intense orgasms as they tend to be over quite quickly.  And it doesn’t take very many of those mind-blowing contractions to deliver the goods. Expelling huge loads of semen also encourages and strengthens the muscles used to climax, making them work far harder and faster leading to really intense orgasms!

The quantity of semen also has a psychological aspect as well – the more you ejaculate, the more virile and masculine you feel. What’s more, you’d be surprised at who actually takes Semenax. There are men in their forties and fifties who feel that their sexual potency is diminishing through to younger guys who want to experience greater sexual pleasure and control over their orgasms.

How does it work?

Semenax works through using a blend of high strength amino acids and herbs that have a solid track record of being able to stimulate your testes to produce more seminal fluid.

  • It has been tested clinically to increase the levels of semen in the man’s body.
  • It boosts the confidence level of the consumer.
  • Increases Sex Drive and Sexual Stamina.
  • No harmful side effects have been reported.
  • Only Natural Ingredients.
  • It is extremely beneficial for couples who are trying to have children.
  • The product helps improve overall sexual satisfaction and performance.

N.B Semenax may even increase your sperm count so it could be a valuable supplement for couples who are trying for children too.

Is it safe for you?

Seminars can be taken by men aged 18 years old and over. The pills are made from a selection of plant-based herbs and berries that have been used in ancient remedies for centuries. Semenax is a natural product, which has been used by thousands of men for improving their sexual performance. The supplier states that “There have been no reports of severe side effects after the use of this supplement by any of our customers.” Therefore in answer to the question ‘are male enhancement safe’ they recommend taking Semenax for at least 3 months to see the maximum benefits and then continuing to take it if you are satisfied with the results.

How fast I can see the first result?

Many of consumers have been seeing the result after one-two weeks. It may be a few differences in your turn. Hopefully, it’ll happen to you as soon as possible on depend on your health condition. Over 30 to 90 days you’ll be notifying the glowing internal change with the more density of sperm.

What is included in Semenax?

Semenax included natural herbs are triple mixture test clinically verified. It is an uncommon newly added feature of this pill. That makes it unique. Here is a short detail.

  • L Arginine: An amino acid that helps in treating male infertility and erectile dysfunction.
  • Catuaba Bark: The extract is used to enhance sexual pleasure.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are helpful in treating prostate problems.
  • Macao: The root extract of this plant is effective for increasing the libido of the user.
  • Zinc Oxide: This compound boosts up the libido levels.
  • Swedish Flower: The extract is known for assisting in better urine flow.
  • Muira Puama: It’s a great libido enhancer with the mental energy grower.
  • Cranberry Extract: It’s good nutritional fruit. Its contain ascorbic acid, anti-oxidants.
  • Macao: It prolongs your sexual duration & stamina.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is helpful in improving the blood flow to the body which lends a hand in maintaining better erections.

Accept all above the element have some more. Their activity also is so strong.

Is there any Side Effect?

There are no known side effects that we confirm from the consumer feedback. Nevertheless, you have to consult with your health specialist if you taking others medicine or want to take both at a time.

Usually, every supplement has its own side power. If you misuse or another mistake to take any medicine you may face headaches, stomach upsets loss of vision, discomfort in the bladder and existence of blood in the urine. Generally these side effects do not happen; however, an improper of Semenax intake may lead to some unwanted health issues.

How to take?

Each day you have to take three pills in three times (morning, noon & night) with some liquid before eating periodical food.


We come to the ending moment by saying to use the product or test at least the 60 days trial with the money back facility. There is no way off doesn’t work to the human body. Obviously, it’ll work to your body you just take.

There are no causes of hesitation about receiving this product service. It sanctioned by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) (health conscious organization of America).

How to order it in Bangladesh?

If you think that Semenax is the right kind of Sexual supplement for you, so proceed to the checkout option. If you order before 5 PM Bangladeshi time on any working day, we would deliver your package the next day in any place of Bangladesh.

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